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Personal Practices: Truth
The Mind Resonance Process (TM)

The Mind Resonance Process is for individuals/groups/organizations looking for a resolution to emotionally based performance/relationship/health based issues. MRP can immediately release limiting negative beliefs, emotions, memories and ego states from the human/collective biofield. The net effect is a re-emergence and re-alignment of the individual/group with a heart centered energy and consciousness. This is also accompanied by an individual/group a)reconnecting to their inner wisdom/truth, b) an emergence of great creativity, intuition and empowerment, c) an ability to affect positive healing at the group/collective level, and d) a re-emergence of one's Divine Self.

Individuals who participate in MRP must have high personal integrity and be personally honest, have a heartfelt desire and commitment to their own personal growth and that of the collective, and a willingness to address deeply held limiting personal and collective beliefs necessary for real change to occur.

The steps in the MRP process are:

Step 1: Identify the traumatic memory. Step 2: Write down all the reasons you can think of wy you have this memory stored. Step 3: Make a two-column chart of "What does this memory do for me?" (LEFT SIDE) and "What does this memory say it does for me?" (RIGHT SIDE). Step 4: Write a short summary statement of each column. Step 5: Answer 7 questions about whether both summary statements involving are they true, false, contradictory, etc. Step 6: Address the lie of the Right-Side Column, purge it. Step 7: Asked to address the toxicity of the traumatic memory and to purge it. Step 8: Referred back to the Reasons List in Step 1 and asked to purge those. Step 9: Visualization of new life after release.

The Mind Resonance Process was created by Nick Arrizza, M.D. Please refer to his Profile on this website for more information about contacting him. Also available is a paper on his research on the effects of the MRP.

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