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Story: Voices of Experience

When we begin to speak with our own voice, about our own truth and our own experience, something happens. We are communicating on this deeper level. There are no right answers on these questions, there is only our unique experience. Then we unite around what I call the commonality of humanity that begins to draw every participant together in a boundariless kind of experience. - Kaye Moore

Stories are the foundation of the research that led to the creation of The Resonance Project and stories remain the primary way experiences of collective resonance are communicated. They provide examples, or roadmaps, of how resonance develops in groups; in what situations, how it feels, and what effect it has had on the storyteller. Stories are not threatening. They are simply personal experience, not lecture or sermon, and their validity cannot be challenged by listeners. They also provide, in their wholeness, facets of experience that may reflect the listener's own, much as a gem's facets reflect light individually and from many angles. These reflections can then serve to connect the group in common humanity, as the woman quoted above observes.

In this part of the site you will find stories of collective resonance. Some are the initial stories coming from the Group Magic research and some are those that have come forward from people reading these and remembering times of resonance in their own lives. Because collective resonance occurs in so many varied contexts, the stories are categorized on the site by type of situation - workplace, sports, recreation, educational settings, etc. - to allow the visitor to enter from the perspective that is most relevant to him or her at the time. Just click on the oval in the visual map and stories in these contexts will appear.

Enjoy the stories and see what comes up for you.

© Jen Levi

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