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Practice: Resonance in Action

Why is it important for collective resonance to inform the way we come together to make decisions and take action in the world? What are the benefits - for the individual, the group, the organization, and the world?

Nine factors that shift groups into resonance have been identified by the Group Magic study. Click on the arrows visual to the left to see what they are.

What might happen if we consciously design some or all of these elements into our gatherings? How would they actually appear? What does vulnerability really mean when we are thinking about designing it into a group situation for access to resonance, for example?

This area of the site provides a place to collect and share individual and group practices that people have successfully incorporated to help create spaces that allow for resonance. It is designed to encourage new practices to come forward and be added to the collection for others to use.

To add your own group or personal practice, click on the link at left. It is especially helpful to know the context, details of the practice, what happened in the group, and suggestions to guide others.

Have fun!

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