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The following people are partners in The Resonance Project. They may be researchers, storytellers, practitioners, graphics or Web designers, donors, or connected in countless other ways. They are all responsible for the ongoing growth of this effort.

Dale Ainsworth
Dale is a consultant working in the areas of organizational and community development. He has worked in a variety of industries and sectors including government, healthcare, and both for- and not-for-profit organizations. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Saybrook University where he is conducting research on small group dynamics, including group consciousness. Dale is the author of two essays that appear on this website under the Research link. He can be reached at dainsworth@earthlink.net.

See Concept Papers

Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee founded and co-directs the Co-Intelligence Institute in Eugene, OR. Born in an activist family 58 years ago, he now writes on collaboration and holistic social evolution. His many articles can be found in alternative journals; on his website, www.co-intelligence.org and on his blog, www.evolvingcollectiveintelligence.org. His new vision of democracy, based on citizens' capacity to generate collective wisdom, is described in his book The Tao of Democracy: Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World that Works for All, www.taoofdemocracy.com, which includes a chapter on resonant intelligence. His democracy website, www.democracyinnovations.org lists over 100 democratic innovations. He is currently working with Michael Dowd and Peggy Holman to catalyze a movement for the conscious evolution of social systems, www.thegreatstory.org.

Aparajita Banerjee
Jita is an English teacher and reiki master. Her life has been transformed by the practice of Japa Yoga. She is married with two grown daughters, a shy cat and a temperamental dog and lives in Pune, India. She can be contacted at jita14@gmail.com.

Paula Baruch
Paula is a member of the Forge Guild: Fostering a Renaissance of Spiritual Wisdom, and co-founder of The Orchard Multifaith Spirituality Centre. She practices Interfaith Spiritual Direction and energy healing and is a student of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

See Kabbalah Text Reading

Alan Briskin
Alan Briskin, Ph.D. is the author of The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace, winner of the 1997 Body Mind Spirit Award of Excellence, and co-author of Bringing Your Soul to Work: An Everyday Practice. A leading voice for the past twenty years in the organizational development field, he has aided businesses, health care, and non profit organizations to navigate change and renew organizational mission. He has given keynotes or conducted workshops on the personal side of leadership and authority throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, England, and South Africa.

In 2000, Dr. Briskin helped produce and publish Centered on the Edge: Mapping a Field of Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom - a ground breaking study of transformation that is possible in groups and collectives. Following publication and with the continued support from the Fetzer Institute, he helped with the formation and development of the Collective Wisdom Initiative. The CW Initiative has helped support and make visible critical research and practices relevant to an emerging field of collective wisdom, including studies such as Renee Levi’s Group Magic. Alan can be reached at ALBRISKIN@aol.com

Juliet Bruce
Juliet Bruce, Ph.D., is a writer, communications and creativity consultant, and founder/director of Institute for Transformation Through the Arts (ITA) in Washington, D.C. Since 1994, she has been presenting creativity workshops in educational, community, and therapeutic settings. She has found expressive arts work to be especially beneficial for people affected by violence - either perpetrators or victims.

She currently holds the Larson Fellowship in Spirituality and Health at the Library of Congress, where she is writing a book on using art, myth, and ritual to transform the energies of violence, at both the personal and cultural levels, into creative self-expression and compassionate action. Contact her at juliet@arts-for-life.org or visit her website, www.arts-for-life.org.

See Collective Resonance in Maximum Security

Ginger Charles
Ginger Charles, Ph.D. is a patrol sergeant with the Arvada, Colorado police department. She manages 10-15 officers and supervises the training of new police officers. Ginger's doctoral research was on health issues in the police culture. Officers suffer from shorter life spans and greater incidences of divorce, substance abuse, and violence than the rest of the population and Ginger's work seeks to research ways that it can become a healthier community having a healthier approach toward those they serve.

Ginger continues to research, train, write and teach and has established a new doctoral program at Saybrook Graduate School for police professionals called CopDoc. She also conducts workshops and presentations on Verbal Judo, Burnout - Myth or Fact?, Health Issues, and Tibetan Rites. She is also in private practice in the Denver area. She can be contacted at gcharles@ci.arvada.co.us.

See Collective Resonance at Gunpoint

Christine Cole
Christine Cole has coached in partnership with horses for over 30 years. She lives in Sebastopol, Northern California, where she and the horses coach Strength of Intention, including extended Resonance retreats in tandem with business and life coach, Janice Drescher. “Learn to dance with a horse and recognize the rhythm of your own heart, the language of the soul.” Contact Christine at Harmony with Horses, www.fullhousefarm.com,or Christine@fullhousefarm.com.

See Intentional Creation of Space

Kathleen Dannemiller
Kathleen D. Dannemiller, 1929-2003

"And so, next generation...we pioneers are moving to the next learning environment, and leaving this one to you. My assignment to you, before I go, is the following: Stand on the shoulders of the pioneers who went before you...honor and learn from us...and then spring into the future with new and robust concepts that will be more than we old-timers ever dreamed of. You are the creative minds of this unfolding Millenium."

Kathleen D. Dannemiller was Co-Founder and Partner Emeritus, Dannemiller Tyson Associates. Kathie was a passionate advocate for whole system change for more than thirty years, and a worldwide authority and author on the complexities of whole system change. Kathie touched each person whether they spent a few minutes or a lifetime with her.

To learn more about Kathie's life and her work, Kathie's family has created a professionally edited DVD of her funeral service in addition to several video and audio clips, photographs, and remembrances from friends and families. The proceeds from the DVD will be contributed to a scholarship for new organization development consultants who want to attend a seminar on how to facilitate Whole-Scale Change process. If you are interested in having a copy of this DVD, contact Dannemiller Tyson Associates by phone (734)662-1330, or email, office@dannemillertyson.com.

See Collective Resonance in Corporate Transformation

Renee DellaValle
Renee runs her own caretaking business, taking care of some of the homes she helped build on the shore of Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Oquossoc, Maine. She continues to let the lakes, forests, and mountains surround her with resonance.

See Building in Collective Resonance

Peter Goldsbury
Peter Goldsbury is Coordinator, Tipu Ake Team. He represents the community at Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi in New Zealand who share the Tipu Ake Lifecycle process for the benefit of all the world's future grandchildren. To find out more about this community, please visit them on the WE ARE page of their website, www.tipuake.org.nz/who.htm.

See The Tiku Ake Lifecycle

Tex Gunning
Tex Gunning was born in 1950 in the Netherlands. He is currently working with Unilever and heads its Southeast Asia and Australasia businesses. Married with three children, Tex enjoys reading and running in his leisure time.

See Outbreaks of Resonance

Chris Iversen
Chris Iversen has been a sales and marketing professional in the industrial equipment sector for 30 years, teaching organizational leadership at a local community college in the evenings. Recently he became involved in a local businessman's efforts to create and work environment supportive of people in recovery. He currently sits on the board of directors of a nonprofit called America in Recovery, assisting in formalizing a business model to help individuals who are struggling with troubled pasts and related stigma to get back into the workplace and build productive lives. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in organizational systems at Saybrook Graduate School and lives in northern California. He can be reached at civersen1@mac.com.

See Collective Resonance and the Offensive Line

Jon Jenkins
Jon C. Jenkins is a senior methods consultant with 33 years of experience in facilitation. He has held positions in the U.S.A., Latin America, Asia, and Europe and is currently a principal at Imaginal Training in The Netherlands. Among his publications are Who's Who in International Organisations and the International Facilitator's Companion.

See CR in Interracial Community Building

Terry Kalayjian
Terry G. Kalayjian is a CranioSacral Therapist practicing in Westport, Connecticut. She is an accomplished artist (www.terrykalayjianfinearts.com) and the CEO of Glazer and Kalayjian, Inc., Communications Design Group (www.gkdesign.com). The company specializes in global strategic branding, naming, integrated marketing, advertising, web and interactive media, annual reports and packaging.

Terry also has created a wonderful interactive CD ROM to teach young people about the immune system (www.healthycellscd.com). This is a collaboration with the internationally renowned innovator and developer of alternative therapies, Dr. John E. Upledger. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She has studied Shiatsu with Wataru Ohashi at the Ohashiatsu Institute in NYC and CranioSacral Therapy with Somato Emotional Release with Dr. Upledger.

Aside from being with her family, Terry's most treasured place to be is deep int he Caribbean ocean swimming with wild dolphins.

See Resonating with Dolphins

Jon Kirwan
Dr. Jon Kirwan is the program manager for a residential adolescent drug and alcohol program, working with 13 to 14 boys. Although his hours are long and there is plenty of frustration, he is making a difference, "blending steel and roses", he says.

See Serving Our Country with Collective Resonance

JoAnn Kite
JoAnn is a writer and poet whose main focus is on the dynamics of our psycho-spiritual consciousness. Her self-motivated studies have led her to an understanding of Jungian psychology, particularly in its relation to World Scriptures and traditions which emphasize the Oneness of all mankind. JoAnn's poetry has received honors from the Creative Arts and Sciences Enterprise and the Arcadia Poetry Press, and she has written many articles and essays for United Communities of Spirit, an online interfaith group that works toward harmony and understanding of our common spiritual heritage.

See Seeing the One

Renee Levi
Renee Levi, Ph.D. is founder and director of The Resonance Project, an organization dedicated to furthering research into and practice of Collective Resonance, the subject of her seminal doctoral research.

A practicing organization consultant, she is also principal of Resonance Consulting, a firm specializing in individual and organizational transformation through collaborative decision-making processes. As speaker, writer, facilitator, and researcher, Renee’s hope is to help amplify collective resonance toward positive action in the world. She is working on a book, Group Magic: Collective Resonance at Home, Work, and Play based on her research.

Kaye Moore
Kaye Moore holds a Doctorate in Psychology with a specialty in women's development. She is a facilitator, speaker, and women's life coach. She designs and implements interactive programs that allow for psychological insights and personal growth. She has served as a special consultant to the Women's Leadership Initiative for Meeting Planners International, a regular interviewee WGCH radio's "Ask Dr. Kaye" program, and is a presenter and workshop leader on many topics including parent over-involvement, emotional intelligence, and "affluenza". She has a passion for supporting and encouraging women to be the best they can be.

See 'Connections' Through Collective Resonance

Susan Osborn
Susan M. Osborn, Ph.D., M.S.W., works as a story coach and SoulCollage facilitator with business owners, managers, teachers, healthcare specialists, career counselors, law enforcement agents, and other professionals. Her background includes 25 years as a management consultant, and experience as a human resources manager, corporate trainer, adult educator, therapist, and parole agent. Stories played a key role in her book about organizational change, The System Made Me Do It! A Life Changing Approach to Office Politics. She is currently writing a new book about storytelling for leaders. Susan can be reached at sosborn@ix.netcom.com.

See Graduate School Resonance

Catherine L. Prins
Catherine L. Prins is a certified Muscular Therapist and Reiki Master. She has been in practice for over 15 years and the co-founder of the Total Life Care Center In Norwalk, CT. Cathy specializes in deep tissue massage and energetic balancing including experience with modified myofascial release, trigger point therapy and somatic integration. Her holistic approach focuses on releasing energy blocks and tension patterns in the muscles, to promote the body's own healing process. Cathy believes regular bodywork is essential for the body to function properly in the stressful environment in which most of us live. A healthy body is able to absorb physical and emotional stress and then release it when the time is appropriate.

See Dying (and Healing) with Collective Resonance

Charlotte Roberts
Charlotte Roberts, Ph.D. is president of Blue Fire Partners, Inc. She is also co-author, with Peter Senge, of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization and The Dance of Change: The Challenges of Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organizations.

Charlotte has over 18 years experience counseling executives on living with and growing with change. She also writes and speaks on how to create learning organizations that draw strength from the values and vision of employees. She is currently completing her doctoral research on workplace dissociation.

See Worshiping in Resonance

Beth Robinson
Beth Thoma Robinson, Ph.D., has worked on Wall Street, owned an artistic management and production business, and consulted with corporate, non-profit, and family organizations combining her executive experience with small- and large-scale organizational development and transformational change methods. Her enduring interest is how leaders, organizations, and communities develop and live from their wisdom. Beth is exhilarated by the possibilities of The Resonance Project and particularly interested in exploring its implications for horse-human relationships. She is currently living and working on the Big Island of Hawaii and can be reached at alohabeth@gmail.com.

See Leadership Dialogues and Collective Resonance

Natalie Rogers
Natalie Rogers, Ph.D. REAT, is a pioneer in expressive arts therapy taking her training to Europe, Russia, Japan and Latin America. She is author of The Creative Connection: Expressive Arts as Healing (Science & Behavior Books 1993) and Emerging Woman: A Decade of Midlife Transitions.(1980) and many articles and chapters. As Distinguished Consulting Faculty at Saybrook Graduate School she is offering a Certificate Program in “Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change: A Person-Centered Approach”. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. (IEATA) www.IEATA.org www.nrogers.com

See Collective Resonance and The Creative Connection

Bruce Schuman
Bruce Schuman is an Internet developer who is working with Renee to create our Resonance Project website.

Bruce works with organizations involved with the Interfaith movement, and is developing a network system intended to support collaboration and communication among diverse groups from all over the world. His "Interspirit" project currently links more than 18,000 people, through 90 different projects and organizations.

Marilyn Veltrop
Marilyn Veltrop has been serving as a transformational guide to individuals and groups for ten years. She works primarily with leaders, change agents, and women in midlife. In 1997, Marilyn and her husband, Bill, co-founded Pathfinders, offering guidance to individuals and organizations in evolving "from where they are ... to who they are." Their Pathfinder Circles provide advanced leadership development for those committed to personal, organizational and global transformation. Marilyn also guides a Tending Our Inner Gardens Women's Circle and co-leads with Pele Rouge.

Marilyn's professional background includes twelve years in corporate management and five years as a consultant to individuals and organizations in transition. She holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology, for which her dissertation is entitled Business Leaders in Transition: An Organic Inquiry into Eight Transformational Journeys. Marilyn can be reached at mveltrop@earthlink.net.

See Resonant Fields and Research

Daniel Wheeler
Dan Wheeler is a writer, facilitator and leadership trainer working with individuals and organizations interested in transformational change. Through values based inquiry, he supports clients in connecting their personal life visions with value for the living environment within the evolving social structures of our times. He brings his experience as an Outward Bound Course Director and Social Worker directly into his practice through a unique capacity to deeply listen to the threads of meaning behind the spoken word. As an Associate Consultant with the Earth-Based Institute, Dan specializes in the use of integral dialogue to help elicit creative and collaborative visions promoting peace and sustainability. Dan can be reached at: dwheeler@earthbasedinstitute.org

Kay Wild
Kay is committed to fostering an integrated approach to designing environments that builds healthier communities by visually revealing the ethics and aesthetics in social organizations. Her passion for beauty and its transformative magic have led her to an understanding of the dynamics of consciousness and environments as they relate to wholeness, health and positive action in the world. Her company, CWild Design, offers a values-based approach to designing environments to help organizations – both for profit and not-for-profit – visually communicate the mission, values and the spirit of their organizations. She is currently writing a book on beauty and its transforming presence. To reach Kay: inquiry@cwilddesign.com

See Sailing Into Resonance

Allison Cressy Wilson
Allison Cressy Wilson is a lifelong learner who has explored a number of traditional and non-traditional paths. Her formal educational training experiences have been in the fields of education, counseling, and organizational systems. Other areas of interest and passion include: metaphysics, new sciences, group facilitation, transformative learning, collective resonance, creativity and spirituality.

For her doctoral research, Allison is investigated the role of the facilitator in cultivating Collective Resonance. She completed her Ph.D. in 2008 at Saybrook Graduate School. The Resonance Project is supported her research and the results are posted on this website. The study can be found through the RESEARCH: Completed Research link on the site. Allison can be reached at synergize2003@yahoo.com

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