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There are some important new questions arising about how research can be conducted using what we now know about collective resonance, questions about the effect of resonant fields on the research process.

What effect, for example, does the resonance between researcher and participant (sometimes called co-researchers)in the interview have on the quality of the data (or story) that emerges? Or, can resonance be "felt" by a third person reading an interview between two others in resonance? Can there be resonance between the researcher and the data during the data analysis process that affects the themes that show themselves as important findings of the research? These are questions that have arisen from others reading and some of the interviews that were a part of the study. Renee Levi will be addressing these in some writing in progress.

Methods that incorporate some of the new thinking, such as Phenomenology, Appreciative Inquiry, Organic Inquiry, already exist. Research using principles of collective resonance is a wide open field and we encourage those interested or informed to join the conversation.

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