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What is Resonance?

When a specific fundamental frequency is created by any other object in the neighborhood of the original object, the original object responds to that frequency and that response is called resonance.

Collective Resonance™ is a felt sense of energy, rhythm, or intuitive knowing that occurs in a group of human beings and positively affects the way they interact toward a positive purpose.
It is not created by human beings, rather, it emerges when they tap into the underlying unity, coherence, rhythm and flow of the universe. It can be felt as a physical level of connection, facilitated by vibrational exchange that operates constantly, whether or not we are communicating verbally or are even aware of its existence. It conforms to the laws of physics, among other things.

The word resonance means "re-sound", which indicates a flow of vibration between two things, in this case two or more people. The word has been used in many contexts, such as in psychology where it connotes empathy, or in the spiritual realm where oneness or unity of things is implied. Building on these, the physically resonant aspects of group dynamics are explored by The Resonance Project™.

Greater awareness and amplification of this level of connection between people and between groups and other, larger forces may help us find our way back to the knowledge and experience of our fundamental connections to one another and our environment, and enable us to make greater progress toward our common human goals than we have been able to do using idea exchange and analytic problem-solving alone.

It is time to activate all of the ways we as humans can access information and allow it to guide us toward a future that enhances life and spirit instead of destroying it.

Experiences of Collective Resonance are more common than is currently known and our goal is to bring these felt experiences to conscious awareness, understand their components, and encourage individual and group practices that allow for resonance to emerge in all kinds of situations, all the while respecting the mystery which remains the source of these occurrences.

What are we really saying when we notice that we are "on the same wavelength" with someone else, that two people seem to be "in synch" with one another, or that something "sets the tone" for something else? The Resonance Project is finding out.

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