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On the Same Wavelength

One of the things we know about resonance in physics is that when two waves rhythmically entrain, they come together as one wave and amplify, meaning they gain power.

Applying this principle to human behavior, we believe that as people come more deeply in contact with their true nature and their common human potential for good, the possibility for positive outcomes in groups large and small will also amplify, or gain power, and translate into a more hopeful future for humankind and the world we inhabit.

And the more we know about collective resonance and use it to inform our everyday relationships - families, workplaces, community groups, classrooms, and others - the happier and more purposeful we will be in our lives.

The Resonance Project is an attempt to bring people already "on the same wavelength", or getting closer, together to share knowledge and practices that amplify good in the world.

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