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This website is the primary vehicle for The Resonance Project. It is a place where research comes alive, where we can learn about, share, and create new knowledge and practice of Collective Resonance toward positive action in the world. For a full listing of the stories and practices submitted to the site, click on "Site Map" in the right menu on the homepage.

What you see on this site is the very beginning of the effort to further understand and apply principles and practices of resonance in groups. At the moment it contains much of what Renee Levi uncovered in her doctoral research, but it is a collaborative effort and hopes to germinate more thought and action around the phenomenon. It aims to inspire others to remember times of resonance in their own lives and share them through providing a container to hold more and more stories over time. It encourages further academic and applied research and provides a place to read what others are doing and finding out. And it invites proven practices that groups and individuals can use to enhance the possibility that resonance will guide their group toward common goals.

The format of this website is, in itself, a new form of research in that it is collaboratively-based, organic in nature, and honors lived experience as a valid form of knowing.

Because this is only a beginning, we apologize in advance for any parts of the site that are not working effectively and would like to know what those are. You may also encounter a link or section that is completely empty. Be patient and these will fill out over time.

Otherwise, look around, enjoy yourself, and see if you are prompted to participate.

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